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Physician Testimonials

"In one sentence, here's what impresses me about MedStar Surgery Center. They are patient-centered, the staff is efficient and professional, and everyone makes the experience for the patients very pleasant."

- John J. Ricotta, M.D.

“I have always found [MedStar Surgery Center] management and staff to be focused on providing great service. [MedStar Surgery Center] goes out of its way to accommodate my needs, such as in scheduling. My patients are routinely very, very pleased with the personal attention they receive from the staff and nurses. This is a well-functioning team that’s stable and reliable, and I’ve come to know them well over the years.”

– Irwin Shuman, M.D.

“[MedStar Surgery Center] is a great ambulatory surgery center! It provides patients throughout the Washington metro region with premiere care. The staff is highly dedicated, and the physicians at [MedStar Surgery Center] provide the highest level of patient care and service.”

– Harold Glickman, D.P.M.

“I'm probably the biggest advocate for [MedStar Surgery Center] because I'm performing procedures there almost every day. So I can see, day in and day out, how the GI team performs with precision, and how the staff goes all out to make sure my patients are treated with care and compassion. [MedStar Surgery Center] also has the latest GI diagnostic equipment, which improves accuracy and allows me to share results immediately with patients and referring physicians.”

– James Frank, M.D.

“Although I teach at Washington Hospital Center, I perform most of my operations at [MedStar Surgery Center]. Convenience is certainly a factor for both me and my patients; my office is in the same building. But there’s much more. The executive staff not only provides whatever equipment I need, but is proactive in suggesting new options as they become available. The clinical staff is experienced and efficient. And [MedStar Surgery Center] is great with patients. Patients love it there because they are made comfortable and relaxed and receive very fine care.”

– Andrew Adelson, M.D.

"I'm as strong a supporter of [MedStar Surgery Center] as anyone can be. In fact, I'm so pleased with the [MedStar Surgery Center] team that I rarely perform surgery any place else. The anesthesiologists are excellent, the entire team is exceptionally responsive, and the 30-year safety record at [MedStar Surgery Center] is enviable, which is especially critical for surgeons like me who do elective procedures. On top of that, the [MedStar Surgery Center] staff treats my patients with wonderful care and concern."

– J. William Little, M.D.

“[MedStar Surgery Center] is my happy place. Why? I’ve operated all around the area and [MedStar Surgery Center] is a unique gem, not only within MedStar, but also in the entire city. The anesthesiologists are phenomenal. The staff is uniformly well-trained and unbelievably competent — from the person who greets the patient at the door right on through to the person who calls the day after discharge to follow up. The care is absolutely the best. My patients are getting elective surgery, and they tend to expect pampering. They get that and more. I’ve only had patients rave about the care, comfort, and warmth they receive at [MedStar Surgery Center]. In fact, those who have had surgery elsewhere always remark on how wonderful [MedStar Surgery Center] is in relation to their earlier experience. There just isn’t any place like [MedStar Surgery Center].”

– Paul G. Ruff IV, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"My patients appreciate the one-stop care they receive at [MedStar Surgery Center]. They park, take the elevator to [MedStar Surgery Center's] floor, register, and are treated all in one smooth and efficient process. Also, patients love the intimate setting at [MedStar Surgery Center]. The staff is caring and compassionate, and each of them takes personal responsibility to ensure each patient receives the best experience possible."

Lee Ann Rhodes, M.D.

"Here are three things that impress me about [MedStar Surgery Center]. First, [MSC] is very well managed and that means I can always rely on them to be on time. Second, the anesthesiologists are top-notch. Third, patients feel good about the care they receive at [MedStar Surgery Center]. Just yesterday, for example, a patient told me she had a great surgical experience at [MedStar Surgery Center] and how impressed she was with the proficiency, professionalism, and caring attitude of the [MedStar Surgery Center] staff."

Preston C. Sacks, M.D.