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i-PLATFORM Technology Suites

MSC Acquires Most Advanced Hi-Definition Endoscopic Imaging Systems with PENTAX i-PLATFORM Technology Suites

GI Suites at MSC allow physicians to scan and treat patients with state-of-the-art technology.

The renowned MedStar Surger Center recently acquired two state-of-the-art suites of PENTAX i-PLATFORM technologies, the most advanced endoscopic imaging technology systems on the market today.

Revered for its advanced built-in efficiency tools and breakthrough premier HD imaging resolution, the new systems allows MSC physicians to scan patients for possible problematic tissue at over 1.25 megapixels of image resolution, more than 50 percentĀ greater resolution than any other endoscopic system on the market today.

Further, the i-PLATFORM systems include the newest in image enhancement technologies, the dynamic multimodal i-SCAN feature set. Unlike single-mode static enhancement tools standard in the medical imaging field, i-SCAN reveals the hidden colors of disease like never before, allowing physicians greater varied views of tissue pit patterns, vascularity, topography and architecture.

With the new MSC systems, theĀ  suites are fully and securely networked allowing physicians and staff to efficiently manage, orchestrate and collaborate on every procedure, even automated faxing of procedure notes to referring physicians. The backbone of the collaboration capabilities will be driven from the new version of practice management software and IT solutions called endoPRO.

This investment of market-leading equipment allows MedStar Surgery Center to operate more efficiently while providing excellence in the delivery of patient care.